Jul 28 2011

Day 28: St. John’s, Newfoundland

Continental breakfast. Not too shabby. Then we went back to the room and started to clean up stuff and organize for the next leg of our trip.

I think I could have organized all day long but it was better that I just got out of the room otherwise I would have gone crazy.

The weather was crap. Ok, it could have been worse but it was foggy and rainy. Need I say more?

And there was 6 of us so we all couldn’t fit in the Sube so I needed to taxi a few people downtown and then go back to the hotel and grab the rest of the people. But first we needed to return the tent.

We stopped in at Canadian Tire to try to get our money back. They wouldn’t do it. They wouldn’t even exchange it but they said we could call a 1-800 number. So I did while I was there. The woman on the other end of the phone said that she had never experienced any issues with the tent that we had. Well we have (finger snap) so don’t tell me your tent isn’t inferior. She said that they have NEVER given money back for a warranty item. It’s replace or instore credit only. So we buckled at the instore credit and handed the phone to the Canadian Tire woman. BUT, Canadian Tire doesn’t give instore credit so they had to give us our money back! Shabam baby!! Take that! And now our extra night in a hotel is paid for.

By the time we got downtown, my hubby and aunt (who were taxied first) said that they had seen everything and they were ready to get dry and fed.

We parked the car and set off on Water St. There were a lot of neat little boutiques along Water St. but what I really wanted to see what the colourful houses.

We stopped in at a neat little bar for lunch. Great food. I think it might have been the best poutine I’ve had yet. After lunch, we kept on Water St. and took some photos and then walked back along another road that runs parallel to Water St. I asked a woman for directions to The Rooms and so my mom and the hubby took off uphill to it, while my aunt and the tweenager and I walked back to the car.

I picked up a Canuck’s hockey jersey while we were walking back. Kind of an odd thing to buy in Newfoundland but what the hell.

We headed to The Rooms. It was pretty cool there. Some nice artwork and a museum. I was a little disenchanted with the museum but the Inuit display was very interesting.

Then I did the taxi thing again and back and forth with every one we got back to the room and did MORE packing. Then off to dinner at the hotel again. Thanks for dinner mom!

Early to bed tonight so that we can start fresh tomorrow for our voyage over seas.


Sleeping: free since we brought back the tent.
Wee babe disposition: Really good.
Weather: 17.
Stress level:
Climbing as the packing is looming. I would say about a 6.

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Jun 5 2011

BBQ Bash

We had a BBQ yesterday. We had an awesome, amazing, stellar, kick-ass BBQ yesterday.

It definitely helped that the weather was stunning. The most stunning day of the year so far.

It definitely helped that the 2nd game of the finals was on. Canucks vs Bruins. It helped that they won too.

What made it so incredible was that so many friends and family showed up. People who we really wanted to see before we leave. After all, the party was so we could see our friends before we go. (25 days and counting.)

We had new and old work colleagues, friends, book club friends, neighbours, cousins, parents, our realtor and his bride, tenants and our new tenant who will be looking after our home while we are gone.

I reflected at the end of the night, the people we missed. For a few minutes I was forlorn. Even disappointed by some people who said they would come but didn’t. People replied maybe and didn’t. People who didn’t reply and didn’t.

But then I turned it around and saw all the wonderful people who came. My cousins family came all the way from Kirkland (and he didn’t cheer for the Bruins even!). People who said they might come and they did. People who didn’t reply at all and they came.

What was also interesting was the way people said they would try and see us again before we leave. I think people find it hard to say good-bye. So instead they say that they would like to get together again for one last drink before we leave. I think in all honesty, we aren’t going to have time to see people again before we go, because that’s what this party was for. 🙂

But the good times rolled. We had: hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, pork chops, baked potatoes, bocci, badminton, sprinklers, music, and the game on.

There was beer, near beer, ceasers, ciders, wine, and even slurpees spiked with Vodka.

And there was sun. Glorious sun.

We ate from our regular BBQ and when the propane ran out, we ate from the brick BBQ that burns wood (and my wonderful steak) my hubby built.

When the sun began to set around 9:30 and it started to cool down, we moved the fire to the fire pit and we all dragged chairs around to keep warm.

In the morning, we cleaned up. We found sun glasses, a water bottle, steak rub, a sweater, a book, two hamburger patties, 10 beer, oodles of leftover salad, some smokies, a diet coke and some sun tan lotion. We’ve since eaten some of the left over salad and both of the hamburger patties. Thank you to whoever you are who left those yummy patties.

Tomorrow night we’re having smokies. 🙂

What was truly the greatest part for me was seeing all our friends and family come together and laugh and play in the sun. There wasn’t any segregation, people who knew each other from various events we’ve had along the way, all chatted together and it felt like one big happy party where everyone knew everyone.

What a great memory to start our trip with. I’m already looking forward to the coming home party. I guess since our wee babe will turn one just before we come home, our coming home party will be her first birthday party.

And we’ll get to see all those wonderful people all over again.

Woot woot!!

If you weren’t able to attend the BBQ, you were missed. Hopefully, you can make it for the wee babe’s first birthday in 2012.