The Life List

Some people call it a bucket list. I like the connotation of a “life list” – more positive and not quite so life limiting. Here are a few items that I’ve come up with that I would like to do during my lifetime.

Items to do:

  1. Visit Australia (again)
  2. Go skydiving
  3. Go hot air ballooning
  4. Visit Aftrica
  5. Visit China
  6. Visit Easter Island
  7. Volunteer in a third world country
  8. Go on a cruise
  9. Shave my head
  10. Visit Ireland
  11. See the Northern Lights up close
  12. See 24 of darkness/light
  13. Go on a big bike trip
  14. Get a puppy/dog
  15. Visit the Maldives
  16. Own a convertible
  17. Own some sort of water transportation
  18. Visit New York
  19. Ride an elephant
  20. Learn how to quilt
  21. Ride a motorbike all by myself
  22. Visit Slovenia Krvavec Ski Resort and stay in an igloo

Items completed:

  1. Write poetry (2011)
  2. Go across Canada (2011)
  3. Visit Egypt (2011)